I need Stiles and Lydia to be arguing about something massive

I need Stiles and Lydia to be throwing their arms up in the air and screaming at each other at the top of their lungs

I need Stiles and Lydia to suddenly just stop and rush towards eachother and makeout 

I need it



the way he looks at her.

it’s so messed up on teen wolf right now i mean like all the shit between.. stydia, stalia, Allison etc. Like all i want to focus on is Lydia & Stiles ‘cause i think that they’re best caracters on TW. And i read something here on tumblr, a pretty great theory about Stiles’s feelings for Lydia and Malia. And i pretty much agree with all that..

(Sorry, if i spelled something wrong) 

I think that Stiles is just ignoring Lydia because of what happened in Season 3, He kidnapped Lydia, He killed her best friend and also his own friend. SO, i think that Stiles can’t forgive him self because of all that happened. He’s to afraid that his going to hurt his one true love, so he’s trying to shut off his feelings for Lydia by being with Malia. Like honestly? u Stalia shippers don’t understand love if u think that Stiles’s feelings can change so quick for Lydia- His been loving her to long for that. So come on realize it!! It is going to be Lydia and Stiles in the end.


All I’m saying is that if Stydia never happens then that is the biggest waste of buildup I’ve ever seen on a television show.


All I care about is Lydia Martin …